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I have been doing search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing for my clients since 2017. During this time I have analyzed many thousands of websites and successfully helped many clients to significantly increase their revenue.

Why I “Duze” you? Since 2019 I live in Canada, here everyone addresses each other with “Du”, I like that and is not as stiff as in Germany.
I was happy to adopt that!

In the Jochen Dullenkopf Blog I would like to present you many tips and solutions on how to successfully increase your income.
As an entrepreneur I know how valuable time is. Your time!

Therefore, you will find in each blog post at the very beginning of the problem solution in under 60 seconds (for all those who have little time).

Of course, you will also get a detailed best practice solution in this text (if you want to know more).

About Me

I am an experienced Digital Marketing Entrepreneur who knows the importance of putting the customer in the middle of each action and decision. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is part of achieving online marketing success. Since 2017 my main focus has been on SEO and how to rank better in Google for your most important keywords.
I have dedicated my career to helping clients perform better digitally through the years. Before this, I was a paramedic and realized that helping others is what I wanted to do.
My family and I are initially from Germany but now reside in Canada, where I founded and started an Online Marketing Agency with the name RevenueWings® – Online Marketing Solutions Inc.

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