Jochen Dullenkopf in Canada 2022

My Story: A Dream and Call to Help

My Name is Jochen Dullenkopf, and this is my blog.

I first created this website back on Jan 01, 2017. Back then, I really had no idea how it would turn out. Would it be successful? I wasn’t sure at first, but I wanted it to be. My time and focus shifted away from own projects, to client projects…

Fortunately, over the course of time, it has proved that making it was a success! My SEO business runs on

It has always been a great feeling knowing that I was able to help my clients become digitally successful with just my PC and earned knowledge. Additionally, being able to work from anywhere, free and detached from any constraints, always fascinates me. The good pay is always just an unbeatable bonus on top!

The recent years in the Digital Marketing industry have taught me many things. Many of I would do differently from today’s perspective, and some I would, and continuously, do the same. 

Here’s what I will do the same: 

The client will always be at the center of my work. Of course, every project and every client requirement is always different. All my strategies are based on this truth. I’m more concerned with the successful completion of the project, not with lists or agreements.

What’s necessary to complete a project successfully can’t all be packed into a contract. 

As a Swabian, I value handshakes and spoken words. But in difficult times and with great distances, a digital handshake is valid and will do. 🙂 

I work with selected clients since personal cooperation and matching wavelength matter to me. These are my basis for long-term collaborations with my clients since 2017. 

Anyways, there was an exponential learning curve involved over the last five years!

Some I would do the same, and some I would do differently:
This Blog has the purpose of cutting out expensive and ugly mistakes in growing your business and showing you what really works (because we tested about every tool and software out there over the years)

What I would do differently:

  1. Implement certain processes and use the right software. Currently, specific special software makes digital life and work much more manageable. 
  2. Build and form a reliable team with A-players. 
  3. Hire a mentor/coach instead of buying another online course. 

As an entrepreneur, we both know how valuable time is! I respect that, so to use your time effectively, I deliver concentrated knowledge – right to the point. 

To give you more idea of who I really am, here is my story…

1978 – Where I Started

About me - Biberach Germany

I was born in 1978 and raised at Biberach an der Riß, Germany. 

I was a late bloomer and went to secondary school, where I later acquired my high school dimploma. 

Moving into a technical collage in Biberach, I quickly realized that further education wasn’t for me. I dropped out of college, even if I actually rarely went there, and began my civilian service in the Emergency Medical Services. 

Being part of that service directly hit my life – I enjoyed it very much. It was already clear to me that I enjoy helping people at that time. There, helping could have an immediate effect.
I found this really great! 

Despite all of this, I still turned down a scholarship that would’ve helped me become a paramedic. 

My colleagues actually gave me a tip – to not start with rescue service right after school. They said, “Learn something clever first, you can always become a paramedic afterward.” 

They were absolutely right. 

And so I took vacation jobs in the carpentry shop, which later resulted in me getting an apprenticeship as a carpenter. I later completed the journeyman’s examination with a Very Good/ Good mark. 

Going back into my paramedic career afterward, I took and passed the exam to become a paramedic – allowing me to get trained as one. 

A few years into the rescue service, I was offered the opportunity to train as an insurance specialist. Not letting it slip away, I did this in addition to my main job. 

Soon I was earning twice or thrice of my main job’s monthly salary.

That’s why in my early 20s, I decided to continue and pursue my career as an insurance specialist (BWV). It was a great experience. Everyone was happy – the customers, me, the company.

I would later change companies, which turned out to be a mistake since there were monthly targets of which insurance policies to sell. 

Moving forward, I decided to independently offer to advise and optimize my client’s coverage, construction financing, and finances. It was a complete success! 

Still, it was never an option for me to sell products that customers don’t need, so I decided to support my childhood friend in his construction company. 

I worked independently on the building site. My orders ranged from wooden treasure chests, pergolas, and terrace floors to garages. A few years after, I was allowed to lead a masonry crew for the remodelling of a county courthouse.

Life was challenging, but it was okay. 

2011 – 2015: Prioritizing Myself and My Family

Jochen Dullenkopf Blog - Family

I spent seven years in the construction industry. But after extremely hot summers on roofs, freezing winters, and tiling with frozen gloves, I decided to make a change – I returned to emergency services in 2011. 

In that short time, I was feeling much better. I was finally able to do what I enjoy again – helping. 

That’s how the years went by. 

Later on, my wife and I got married. We enjoyed our honeymoon in Canada, which will become a vital trip in the coming years. 

We had three children and took over my wife’s parents’ house. It was a resettled farm, where the house still stood. Over three years, I renovated our home by working on it and did the paramedic shift with for 48 hours per week. 

As a craftsman, I was able to do most of the work by myself. From the clay oven to clay plaster and the constructed wetland. I got some help with the clay ovens 😉

What a massive project, and the house was wonderful! 

My knowledge as a carpenter, a mason, and a machinist saved me over 150,000 Euros on the remodelling. 

As a family, we tried to be as self-sufficient as possible with our own garden, goats, chickens, rabbits, and hunting. 

However, ever since our honeymoon in Canada, we haven’t stopped thinking about moving there. My wife and I fell in love with the place and the people. 

In addition, the situation in Germany in 2015 was not exactly child-friendly. That’s why since 2015, we’ve been intensively engaged in emigrating to Canada

2016 – 2019: Years of Decision-Making

The Land we call our home - Canada

Since we wanted to move to Canada, I started researching what work I’d like to do in Canada in 2016. My mentor at the time, Bob Proctor, recommended an SEO course. It sounded great and seemed what I was looking for.

After intensive research, I liked the idea more and more.

That’s why in December 2016, I started my SEO career and registered my own company a year after under the name “Jochen Dullenkopf SEO and Interactive Marketing.”

Fast forward to 2018. 

Our family decided to sell everything, break down the tents, and finally emigrate to Canada the next year. So in August 2019, we were finally in Canada! Initially as tourists, but now as residents. 

We now live in Nova Scotia, on the beautiful South Shore, not far from Bridgewater NS. Nova Scotia, in the beautiful South Shore, not far from Bridgewater NS.

At last, everything seemed to be in place. Life was good. 

2020 – Present: The Start of Something Big

Jochen Dullenkopf Blog - Revenuewings

Fast forward to April of 2020 – I founded “RevenueWings – Online Marketing Solutions Inc®” as CEO, which is based in Canada. 

In RevenueWings, I’m able to work with English speaking clients. My SEO courses in English and my clients both offer me insights into both English and German SEO worlds. 

After investing over 50,000 euros on online courses, it’s clear that almost all new SEO trends is in the English language. 

My first courses were in English and only few SEO’s in Germany had this concentrated and updated SEO knowledge. That’s why I recorded super SEO successes for my customers.

As of today, I look after customers all over the world: from Germany, to Canada, USA, UK, Poland, Italy, Lebanon, Schotland, and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

My recent years were characterized by online courses and trainings. It’s now normal for me to spend 30 minutes per day learning something new so that I stay updated and ahead of most of my competitors. 

My current knowledge now goes far beyond SEO. Courses and mastermind groups in all aspects of online marketing give me a broader knowledge. This ranges from Google Ads, to web design, user experience (UX) analysis, to conversion rate optimization (CRO), and the psychological strategies of why a visitor says “yes” and buys something.

I now consider myself a holistic, experienced marketer, especially in the CRO area where there’s a lot you can improve as a website owner with simple means. 

With the right strategy, you can turn more visitors into satisfied customers!

We have been through and tested countless tools, software and hypes. We’ll tell you on this blog what works! 

I’ll show you what you need as a successful entrepreneur to quickly and effectively establish yourself in the digital world.

Let’s network on LinkedIn – who knows what will come of it!

Thank you for reading.

To your success!

Yours truly, 

Jochen Dullenkopf